You can choose between a great variety of sizes, shapes and colours kites and boards and have a premium kitesurf rental experience in Tarifa.


Cabrinha kites 2020 Drifter, Moto, FX, Switchblade and Contra.


Cabrinha twin tip boards 2020 Spectrum, Tronic, XCaliber Wood, Spade surfboard and XBreede foilboard.

Cabrinha Bars Overdrive Trimlite 2020.

Mystic 2020 Wetsuits, harnesses and lifejackets.


We recommend supervision to the independent kitesurf who needs to get confidence in a new spot with new wind conditions.


We are locals and we will help you to find the best kite spots in Tarifa for have fun in every session in the safest way.

In the supervision we explain you safety of the kite spot and best wind points, advice about kite size, check equipment setting, launch and land the kite and have an eye on you all the time.

You will never feel alone with our professional team on the beach during your kite rental with supervision in Tarifa.

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